Seo Hosting

In 2006 to 2009 Matt Cutts, one of Google’s inventors on a patent that is related to search engines and web spams released some videos and articles discussing how google blocked or thwarted SEO hosting techniques and boldly claims without uncertainties that this will not work. However, companies who offer this kind of services accused Cutts of lying for some infamous purposes.

Following this issue, there were suspicions shown by website owners and clients to their providing companies, and they begin to entertain doubts as to whether this popular method of optimizing websites for increase traffic and ranking in search engines works or not. Similarly, SEO Experts were divided in their opinion when it comes to the effectiveness of hosting knowing that a known person from a leading search engine company and who is responsible for identifying web spams has explicitly claimed its ineffectiveness.

Today, web host companies still offer this SEO services unabated amidst issues and continue to guarantee clients that having to own websites in different IP addresses is the best way to increase web page ranking, they also refuse to admit that the method’s sole purpose is to fool search engines to have higher ranks. Meanwhile, people against this service argues that SEO is not of so much importance as to the content of the website which should be niche and demographic considering that search engines are becoming more and more hard to fool or manipulate.